Main Production Results

Main Production Results

for Factory Trawler

  • Full automatic processing machine, for alaska pollack.
  • Full automatic processing machine, for flatfish.
  • TOYO-708 Filleting machine, for alaska pollack.
  • TOYO-SDR30 Dressing machine, for salmon and trout.
  • Head cutter with gut’s removing machine.
  • TOYO-STM2-3-4 Sorting machine.
  • Piece cutter for grinder.
  • TOYO-11 Knife grinder.
  • TOYO-809 Filleting machine, for yellowtail and cod bonito.
  • TOYO-616 Roe separator, for alaska pollack.
  • Automatic roe separator, for alaska pollack.
  • TOYO-405-WN Meat separator.
  • TOYO-771 Filleting machine, with skin off, for alaska pollack and similar fish.
  • TOYO-167 Filleting machine, for sardine, hourse mackerel.
  • TOYO-762 Filleting machine, for alaska pollack.

Sales of Affiliated Articles

  • Scale removing machine.
  • Slicer.
  • Stab machine, for red snapper and yellowtail.
  • Automatic roaster.
  • Skinner.
  • Sex sorting machine, for alaska pollack.
  • Net washer.

for on Land

  • TOYO-167NM(F) Filleting machine, for aji, sardine, sanma.
  • TOYO-764 Filleting machine, for saba(mackerel).
  • TOYO-TK-78 Filleting machine, for unagi(eel), anago.
  • TOYO-102 Horse mackerel machine.
  • Fish split with filleting machine.
  • Slender slicing machine.
  • TOYO-244,245 Nobbing machine.
  • TOYO-765 Filleting machine.
  • TOYO-765H Filleting machine.
  • TOYO-147 Filleting machine.
  • TOYO-306 Squid arm cutting machine.
  • TOYO-304 Head cutter.
  • TOYO-305 Dressing machine.
  • TOYO-20SU Head cutter.
  • TOYO-81x series Filleting machine.
  • TOYO-PS120 Filleting machine for salmon, trout.

for Canned Food

  • Automatic piece cutter, for mackerel can.
  • Automatic filler, for sardine.
  • Automatic filler, with shift mechanism.
  • Automatic filler, for oval can.

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